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A Retrieve from Medical Hardships

Living with epilepsy was an unexpected journey that changed my perspective and view on life. Since I was old enough to understand what a seizure was, I was aware of my own vulnerability to its attacks. During the periods of time in which I would get a seizure, art became my refuge.

With each brushstroke on the canvas, I discovered a new sense of inner peace. When faced with an inner conflict of uncertainty, I turned to my passion of art—a therapeutic outlet. Days in which I was hospitalized for the EEG scan were the worst. The 25 electrodes stuck to my head with glue and the heavy weight that rested on my head evoked an uncomfortable feeling, one that was soothed with the presence of art.

By continuously channeling that passion, it morphed into something more. Art has become my entire world, a retrieve from the daily pressures life throws at me.

Through this hobby turned passion, I have painted a world of dreams in my mind, dreams that have since carried me through the course of these years. Every corner of my life has been colored and the pure peace art brings me is unparalleled.

That’s what art is to me. Everything.


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