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Kangana Modi

Meet Kangana, a junior in high school interested in making an impact in the medical field by helping others. Combining her love for art and her passion for community service, she decided to co-found this non-profit organization in order to create a happy place and help bring smiles to patients of all types!


Sarrinah Saif

Meet Sarrinah, a high school senior with a love for art, volunteering, and a future in medicine. With a palette in one hand and a heart full of compassion in the other, Sarrinah strives to make a positive impact in her community. She co-founded this nonprofit organization to direct her artistic talent and time toward brightening patients' days. 

Program Director


Aishwarya Deshpande

Meet Aishwarya, a sophomore in high school who is passionate about the medical field and dedicated to inspiring and helping others. She enjoys art and music and strives to share the beauty of art to bring joy and happiness to patients!

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