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November 2023 

     Palette of Life worked with Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital to host a Thanksgiving-themed event, spreading joy and creativity to the children there. Patients had a blast decorating turkeys and gnomes with the rich hues of autumn, while also getting the chance to personalize their very own squishies. This collaborative effort not only brought smiles to everyone's faces but also strengthened bonds within the community. 

September 2023 

     This month, Palette of Life teamed up with Broward Health to create a fun time at Broward Health’s Sickle Cell Awareness Event. We brought in crafts and treats, letting patients design their own crowns or pirate hats and giving everyone a cute teddy bear to take home. It was awesome connecting with patients and other groups who share our mission, making the event even more special and supportive.

August 2023 

        On August 22nd, Palette of Life held a workshop at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital, where Sarrinah and Aishwarya taught the patients how to make slime. It was a great experience where patients were allowed to choose beads, glitter, and clay to customize their own creations.

June 2023 

        On June 9th, Palette of Life held a workshop at Palms West Hospital, where Sarrinah led a calming journal decorating activity and played card games with patients. Patients doodled pictures and came up with ideas to make cook books or photo scrapbooks. It was a meaningful experience where patients had fun talking about their interests, like Super Mario Brothers and Disney Classics. At Palette of Life, our heartfelt dedication lies in enhancing hospital experiences, and we are truly grateful for the chance to lead activities that not only offer creative and therapeutic outlets but also provide patients with meaningful ways to spend their time during recovery.

April 2023